About the Computer Life of Curdin Gees

Hello everybody,

Yep you found the place, where I will be talking a bit about me, my hobbies and the work!

I am a 27 years old boy liveing in Lenzburg, Switzerland. Yes it is year 2001 already..

So, what am I doing? Well I'm addicted to the webhosting, webdesign, PC/LAN- support and Networking.

Be it Linux, Unix, Macintosh, or the most used systems starting from DOS, Win 3.11, win95, win NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Advanced Server, all of them got my fascination.

Yes, still was The great system that I had the chance to get to play with at friends homes, mostly in Finnland. That must have been back in 1983, yep so fast years pass.

After the first 5 years of Primary school , back in 1988, I got more and more into PC stuff, programming with GWBasic , QuickBasic, finally on my first system the 386SX/20 . Yes with DOS 3.2 that was quite fine on 2MB EDO RAM and 40MB HDD and 15'' Monitor. It was just the best I could get after earning some money at the Chestonag Automations AG by working during the Summertimes.


Later I enhanced it with windows 3.11 and 2.0 and most important a good Brother HL-4PS , Postscript Laser Printer that is still working just fine even 10 years later! But that costed as much as everything else of the pc! I started collecting 5 1/4 inch floppy Disks and made houndreds of programs now even with Borland C 5.0, still one of the leading langunge that even windows was programmed with!

2 years later in 1990, I experimented with Mathematical Programs for Plotter graphics on Atari and Postscript direct programming of Graphics and Text for Advertisements, thats also when I started with Corel Draw 2.0 trying to get nice things done for my Mother.

But what is it, with IT, you can not stay as it's just new dimensions you get into, some years later.. I got a new pc K6-200 Mhz now with 4GB Quantum HDD + 9,4GB HDD and 64MB SDRAM and SoundBooster soundcard, yes attached to the Stereo it is really great.. but what else is needed? Of course a good graphics card. I choose the Millenium I, a very popular nice card that was affordable.

Now I had all I needed to get in to the World Wide Web, yep the Internet is the greatest thing invented by the CERN in Geneva Switzerland! I started with the 33.600 kbps analog Modem wich was doing surprisingly good.. and allready had FAX and a Phone call management included.

Of course that was very slow! So, I managed to exchange it to a 56k - modem.. still analog. But as I moved to the new Home I ordered the Zyxel Prestige ISDN - Router which made it possible to go at 64kbps or even 128kbps with useing both ISDN Lines at same time. After a year I found out, that this was very expensive and I searched for some alternative as I was around 150 hours on the internet just in one month.

I found Agri.ch, it's now called green.ch, a local ISP who at least was able to setup a new permanent connection that is independant of the phone line! It's called SDSL 128kbps, so upload speed is same as download speed and it's a dedicated connection, so the ASCEND DSL Pipe by Lucent Technologies makes it possible to connect directly to my ISP that is around 1.4km from my home.

The latest System is quite enjoyful, it's The Dual 450MHz System with

18GB SCSI Ultrawide LVD HDD and a 61.5GB EIDE HDD with 7200rpm. It is very fast and reliable.

Of course the 19'' Samsung SyncMaster 900p Screen is very important to get a stable great sized screen and the 768MB SDRAM for best Performance when running Windows 2000 Advanced Server!


And with this System I'm doing my Free Webhosting, the Simple System Internet Services, a Service from The Complex Technology 2001! Co-Worker is Peter Klinser from Austria. Fortunately I have finished my PC/LAN - Supporter course at and I really love it :-) Next I will probably be starting with OFFICE - Training and Webpublishing at my new working place..

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